Conbini Log, 8-7

Kumamon cup noodles, Momoclo gum, tea with Rilakkuma bonus, Mushroom Garden snacks and Mitsuro Kubo coffee

If you want to hit up a toy store in Japan, you don’t need to head all the way out to Akihabara or Nakano--just walk down the street to the local Conbini!  

Convenience stores offer all the amenities you could ever ask for. Free air conditioning, magazines, and bathrooms. The food is more of an afterthought. I ducked in today to buy lunch and pick up some candy toys to complete a few collections. They were sold out of the Berserk, Yoroshiku Mechadoc and  Capcom series I was looking for, so I may wind up buying boxes on my company account. Anyhow, I still managed to walk out with an armful of pack-in toys and snacks plastered with smiling mascots without even meaning to. The otaku circle of life is now complete. Now I can live, breathe, and eat my favorite characters.