Preview: Frame Arms - Type 48 II Kagutsuchi Otsu (Sniper Type) 1/100 Plastic Model by Kotobukiya

In my Frame Arms event report from last May I mentioned a model that was specially previewed to those in attendance. Well I'm back today with an official look at it!

Click the image above for the aforementioned event report or scroll on for the main attraction!

Frame Arms - Type 48 II Kagutsuchi Otsu (Sniper Type) 1/100 Plastic Model [Kotobukiya]

The Otsu shares its lineage with the Type 48 Model 1 Kagutsuchi Kou and looks like a blocky, beefed-up repaint at first glance. In fact this is the bulkiest Frame Arms to date!

I'll fill you in on all the explosive details throughout the post but for now let me say that although this looks like an older FA it's loaded with tons of newly designed parts, along with poseable rear boosters, a new shield gimmick, sub-arm mount weapons and more!

They share the same designer but where Kou was elegant Otsu is pure hulking steel with a paint job to accentuate its bad attitude. The most striking change is easily the increase in front armor. 

It comes with the new oversized firearm Murakumo, its trusty old Hibiki rifle and the Iwato shield. The Murakumo alone is 235mm long so the profile when equipped is over 300mm! Being a unit specializing in sniping Otsu also has a powerful sensor and 5 scopes on its head.

Note how the arms extends to accommodate the overwhelming size of the Murakumo. The hard lines and sharp design of this weapon alone are worth the price of admission!

You'll also notice that the legs have a new look and, despite the increase in size, are far more poseable than before! This bended knee pose isn't just hyper cool, it's a miracle of model engineering! Along with the sub-arm weapons you can have it lie in wait of anything unlucky enough to come its way.

Here's a throwback to Otsu. Keep in mind that you can always remove the armor parts and, because of the ingenious way they were designed, can add them onto Otsu too!

When it comes to Kagatsuchi models, size does matter! Otsu has added all sorts of new possibilities to an already expansive and flexible line of models. With a little imagination and a little more Fa parts you can customize this beast into an assault model, a recon model, a support model and way more! Start drawing up plans now--it drops this November!

*Photos are of a completed, painted sample. The actual product may differ.