News Roundup for August 26th, 2015

Babby's First Dungeon Crawl

Forget catching 'em all--if you don't help them to save the world there won't be any Pokemon left to help distract you from the horrors of life. That's (kind of) the setting for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, a randomized dungeon crawler that has you teaming up with legendary Pokemon to stop the impending armageddon. 

Official homepage:

Phisiological Education

Whether it be on the jousting field, in gym class or cup size, Celia is large and in charge.

Walkure Romanze - Celia Gym Class (Pool Arc) Limited Distribution Edition 1/6 Complete Figure [Q-six]
Pre-painted Complete PVC Figure
Scale: 1/6
Size: Approx. 28cm
Material: PVC

The Thief of Always

Get the gang back together because here comes the first mainline Lupin III TV series in 30 years! (Apparently The Woman Called Fujiko Mine doesn't count because it cut the humor from the hard-boiled dialogue.) The upcoming caper is set in the Republic of San Mariona, a microstate surrounded by Italy that's home to monks, rugged mountains and aerial cable cars. We'll see how the pieces fall into place when it airs in Italy this May followed by Japan in the fall.

Official homepage:

Waifu 3.0

I can't decide whether this figure has it's roots planted firmly in the past or is the wave of the future but I like it either way.

Polynian Yume (F/G) Complete Action Figure [Daibadi Production]
Pre-painted Complete Figure
Size: Approx. H145mm (non-scale)