News Roundup for August 17th, 2015

Phinally, a PSO2 Trailer!

OG MMORPG Phantasy Star Online celebrates its 15th anniversary with an original TV anime! Slated to air in 2016, Phantasy Star Online 2 will be set on a near-future earth. Even after watching this teaser I can't figure out if that means it's based in the world of the game or if this is another kids in a game scenario, but hey, it sure looks pretty. In other PSO2 news--the game comes out for PS4 next year! 

Official homepage:

You and the Cap'n Make it Happen

Despite the usual Variant Play Arts Kai high-tech makeover and being made from PVC this incredible action figure is still less stiff than his comic counterpart! I kid! I kid!

Variant Play Arts Kai - Marvel Universe: Captain America [Square Enix]
Pre-painted PVC Action Figure
Size: Approx. W120 x D60 x H270mm

Goin' Mobile

Everyone's favorite stray god wasn't satisfied with just a second season--a new teaser site for a mobile game called Noragami -Kamitoenishi- just popped up too! Details are still sparse but check back regularly to see if Hiroshi Kamiya's honey-like voice will be featured in the game for more info!

Official homepage:

And you thought Danboard Couldn't Get Any cuter...

"Danboard" has been arranged into cute cat style!
Head, hands, legs and tail part are articulated!

I couldn't have articulated it any better myself!

Nyanboard figure collection 10Pack BOX [Sentinel]
10 Packs/Box
Size: Approx. H60mm
Material: ABS

The Battle Against Evil Isn't Always Black and White

For KyoAni's latest act of alchemy they will take light novel Myriad Colors Phantom World and turn it into animated gold! See as the human imagination gives birth to Phantoms! Marvel as the main character battles with incredible super powers! Gasp as you learn the true nature of his world! Wonder if he will get his homework assignment in on time! Despair as you wait for more details of the adaptation to surface!

Official Homepage: