News Roundup for July 8th, 2015

Your Emotions Will Eggsplode

Long, long ago there was a cheerful young girl who loved talking. Until one day a magic egg taught her that hurting people with words is the greatest sin of all. After that the girl wasn't so talkative anymore. The staff of Anohana reunite with a new class of high school students suffering from an extreme case of dem feels in The Anthem of the Heart. Have a box of tissues handy when it opens in theaters September 19.

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Watch and Be Animazed

Hideaki Anno is convinced that the anime industry is doomed but hasn't stopped him from trying to save it. Japan Anima (tor)'s Exhibition, the omnibus series produced by Studio Khara and Dwango, features some of the best sakuga in recent memory and now fans can enjoy it on the big screen with a limited theatrical run from July 25 that consists of the entire first season along with a sneak peak at season three. Now if only Anno would get back to work on the last Rebuild of Evangelion movie...

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Final Countdown

Magic is in the air with the new trailer for season two of of The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls. See what happens in the aftermath of the Idol Festival as the clock ticks up to midnight when the show starts on July 17.

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Propellers and Panties

Martini proudly shows off her affiliation to the elite unit Pantaloni Rossi (Red Pants). Don't be afraid to let your colors fly!

Strike Witches the Movie - Martina Crespi 1/8 Complete Figure
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Everything Old is New Again

First Slayers, then Tenchi Muyo and Dragon Ball Z--the anime industry has been mining the 90s and it looks like they've dug out a forgotten gem in the form of Saber Marionette J. Can we expect a sequel, remake or will it be a total overhaul? Time will tell what AIC has in store.

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Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Seibu Railway decommissioned its long-running Galaxy Express 999-themed train last December and fans are already petitioning to bring it back. Series creator Leiji Matsumoto is spearheading a crowdfunding project that aims to decorate a new train to match his retro-future aesthetic, both inside and out. Head over to their Makuake page for info about backer rewards that range from being first in line to ride to having your name immortalized on a hand strap.

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Wonder what Matabee is about to write with that giant calligraphy brush? Given the concerned way she's looking at her exposed backside, I bet it's a note reminding her to wear pants next time.

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