News Roundup For July 31st, 2015

Meanwhile, in Japan...

Section chief Mazinger Z has finally reached retirement age and his subordinates bid him a tearful farewell in this commercial for Manulife life insurance. Be sure to turn on the subtitles for more machine-translated fun.

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Harmony of Dissonance

The perfect society doesn't seem so perfect once people figure out how to exploit the system and that's exactly what happens in Harmony, the final novel from sci-fi author Project Itoh. Worldwide healthcare becomes worldwide oppression in the theatrical anime adaptation directed by Takashi Nakamura (Fantastic Children) and Michael Arias (Tekkonkinkreet) and produced by Studio 4C that opens in Japan on December 4.

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Buckle Down and Zip Up

Hatsune Miku gets one step closer towards becoming a flesh and blood idol with this realistic redesign by Tetsuya Nomura! Her authentic duck face is just the beginning--just wait until you see what they did to the leek!

Variant Play Arts Kai - DESIGNED BY TETSUYA NOMURA Miku Hatsune [Square Enix]
Pre-painted Complete PVC Action Figure
Size: Approx. W110.7 x D50 x H250mm

More or Less Human Than Human

People learn what they're made of when faced with tragedy. In Ajin: Demi-Human teenager Kei Nagai gets hit by a truck only to find out that whatever he's made of, it isn't human. The hit horror manga will be adapted into a trilogy of theatrical animated films courtesy of Polygon Pictures (Knights of Sidonia, The Sky Crawlers), the first of which opens this November. 

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Born to Be Wild

Gintama director Yoichi Fujita and writer Shu Matsumura go back to nature with Mori no Ongakudan, the madcap story of four forest animals who spend more time pretending to be in a band than practicing. The slacking never stops once Mouse (Shintaro Morimoto), Racoon (Kenta Miyake), Squirrel (Yu Serizawa) and Boar (Hiroshi Shirokuma) get together. This was made by Sunrise. Seriously. Head over to the official homepage to watch the eight-minute short if you don't believe me.

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Let the Hunt Begin

You don't need 99 Insight to surmise that this stylish gent will be the (blood) gem of your figure collection.

[AmiAmi Exclusive Bonus] Bloodborne - Hunter 1/6 Scale Statue (w/Acrylic Character Plate) [Gecco]
Size: Approx. H32cm