Preview: Tenohira Series - Ace of Diamond: Kazuya Miyuki Complete Figure by MegaHouse

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Hey hey, it's AmiAmi Otome again♪

Who needs the whole world when you can have Miyuki-senpai in the palm of your hands?☆ That's the general concept of MegaHouse's Tenohira series. Read on for more!

Tenohira Series - Ace of Diamond: Kazuya Miyuki Complete Figure [MegaHouse]

This playful pose conjures up all sorts of mental images. Is he celebrating a win or taking a break from practice? The cross-legged pose is so senpai, too♪

Tenohira literally means "palm" so it's no accident that he fits into your hand at a cool 80mm height (approx.). Unlike most other small figures though, this one isn't SD. As cute as that'd be I'm happy to see him as is (*゚∀゚)=3

No details were lost due to size--just look at all the folds and print of his uniform!

Zooming in on his face it's no wonder that even rivals teams call him a hunk. This smile is a grand slam(〃ω〃)ムホッ

The figure comes with two types of glasses frames....

。o○(MegaHouse always comes though with their glasses!)

↑Etching Parts ver.
(Used in this review)

↑Plastic Parts ver.

They each have their merits and I expect fans to be divided on which to display him with♪

How about some photos from the ballpark?☆

Shizu Mecha hit the ball out of the stadium when she took these photos for the review! I guess that's what happens when you live what you love(・∀・)

This is a figure for all fans, especially those with small budgets and smaller display space♪

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.