Preview: Nendoroid - Senbonzakura feat.Miku Hatsune: KAITO Senbonzakura Ver. by Good Smile Company

Hey hey♪ AmiAmi Otome here again. Following up the retro-cool Senbonzakura Ver. Hatsune Miku Nendo is none other than KAITO! His playful demeanor gets a little toned down in this military getup. Let's take a closer look!☆

Nendoroid - Senbonzakura feat.Miku Hatsune: KAITO Senbonzakura Ver. [Good Smile Company]

In the novel inspired by the song Kaito appears as a commanding officer but the role doesn't take away his wholehearted smile♪

I salute this uniform and it's amalgam of old-school military and Japanese motifs (*´ω`*)

I know it's a bit hard to make out but his back features a zero decal!

His beloved sword Sessei is the perfect accessory for this serious expression part! Look closely and you'll notice his boots are actually geta. Along with the snowflake family crest decals this figure is crammed with detail! The SD transformation didn't come with any compromises--I'd even say he's cooler than ever here in this sword stance!

Here's my favorite angle--the teeny bridge of his nose is so small yet so manly!

He's well decorated in colorful medals and imposing shoulder cords. I'd expect no less from a commanding officer!

KAITO ventures from the land of the ever blooming sakura to your front door this September☆

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*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.