Preview: Dwell - Walkure Romanze: Celia Cumani Aintree 1/7 Complete Figure by Vertex

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This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. On top of being a volumptuous vixen today's figure is top class jouster, student council president and hails from a prestigeous house. Is this offering from Vertex as perfect as it's namesake? Let's dig in and find out!

Dwell - Walkure Romanze: Celia Cumani Aintree 1/7 Complete Figure [Vertex]

Jumping jester on a jousting stick--that's looooooong! 

Hmm, that's not an adjective you see in a bishojo review very often. Anyhow, if the 400mm lance is in 1/7 scale that means the real thing would be 2.8 meters long. I'd have a smug look on my face too if I were wielding one of these!

Forged in the flames of love this armor looks good enough to be the real thing! It's only when you see the skirt peeking through the steel that you remember you're looking at a plastic sculpture and not bona fide blacksmithery.

Remember, this is jousting armor. While her breastplate it as solid as the bust beneath it some of her more sensitive areas go completely unguarded--save for a meaty layer of baby fat that is.

Thanks to this ultra mini skirt one of her most dazzling focal points is right where the sun doesn't usually shine. Don't overlook her golden twin drills, though. They're more than enough to pierce even the most heavily armored hearts.

This back shot is missing from most battles scenes but could easily fit into a shampoo commercial! Her hair isn't the only thing here throbbing with energy here, if you know what I mean. Hey, I'm only talking about the cape!

A high viewpoint highlights the splayed hair and the angular sculpt of her breastplate!  

Lowering the camera reveals more of the corset-like chest armor we all know and love, complete with painstakingly carved lacy gold trim. OK, that's about all the fierce eye contact I can handle though--next slide!

These elbow and shoulder guards are a work of art unto themselves! On top of intimidating opponents the ornate trim helps offset the inherit awkwardness of moving around in armor. 

The optional helmet parts allow you to raise the tension even higher by placing her right into he middle of a match! Unlike the wild world of jousting you're guaranteed a win whichever way you choose to display her!

Add to the posing possibilities by removing the cape and revealing the one of the academy's worst kept secrets--the color of her panties! Don't worry, she has plenty in store for you when she ships in October.

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.