Preview: Dwell - The Testament of Sister New Devil: Mio Naruse 1/8 Complete Figure by Vertex

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This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. If you think that "nichijo fantasy" sounds like an oxymoron wait until you see today's divine devil. Let's dig in!

Dwell - The Testament of Sister New Devil: Mio Naruse 1/8 Complete Figure [Vertex]

Plenty of girls (and more than a few guys) would sell their souls for a body like this!

The Hijiriga Saka Academy uniform's simple design helps highlight the most devastating thing she inherited from her deceased demon lord daddy--her human form!

The stark black and white juxtaposed against the hellfire red of her hair and ribbons symbolize something, though certainly not the relationship between her and Basara. That'd be a murky gray at best.

Mio's crimson hair flows like the blood of a 1000 infidels (or roughly the amount I've lost through the nose while writing this) and is as much of a birthright as her inherited powers. 

Go on, click to make them even bigger. You know you want to. 

This chest is anything but subtle, yet it's the small details in the sculpt that give it a hefty feeling you don't see in many figures.

I want you to ignore the absolute territory for just a moment. I know what you're saying, but bear with me now. Take a look instead at the back of her knee and ankle. A lesser sculpt wouldn't have bothered with such minute (and frankly fetishistic) points but as Vertex knows, the devil is in the details. OK, you're free to oggle her thighs again.

As her master you can command her to swap out torso parts for something more comfortable. Just be sure you're prepared to deal with the consequences of invoking succubus magic! I wonder what kind of binding spell she uses to keep those things under control in such a frilly bra...

I'm probably going to hell for taking off her skirt. Hey, if this demon princess is any indication that doesn't sound like such a bad deal. See you there!

(C)2015 上栖綴人・Nitroplus/KADOKAWA 角川書店刊/「新妹魔王の契約者」製作委員会*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.