News Roundup for June 29th, 2015

I Think, Therefore I Am (Someone Else)

P.A. Works reunites most of the Angel Beats! team for Charlotte, an original TV anime written by Jun Maeda (Little Busters!). Our smart-ass protagonist has the ability to posesses someone's body for five seconds and he soon meets other teens with less-then-super powers, including the school council president who can turn herself invisible (but only to one person at a time) and a freshmen who moves so fast it appears that he teleports (except he can't stop himself from crashing into walls). See if the silly setup can deliver them feels when the show starts July 4.

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The Guild Master Has a Bone to Pick With You

Salaryman Satoru Suzuki was supposed to watch a world die. Instead, he became its ruler. When the popular VRMMORPG, Yggrdasil, closed its servers, he stuck around to the bitter end only to be sucked into the game. Now his pathetic flesh has been replaced by the skeleton bones and black magic that comprise his avatar, the lich lord Ainz Ooal Gown. Prepare to log into darkness when the anime adaptation of web novel Overlord overtakes the airwaves July 7 courtesy of director Naoyuki Itoh ( Iriya no Sora) with scripts from Yukie Sugawara (Sword Art Online) and production by Madhouse.

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Presented in Aqourscope

Readers of Dengeki G's Magazine were asked to vote on fan submissions to decide the name for the new idol unit in Love Live! Sunshine!!. The results are in and Palettes! and Lir lost out to Aqours (pronounced "aqua"), which makes sense given the seaside setting of the show. No word yet on when the series starts but we can look forward to Aqours' first single on October 7.

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Get the Band Together

Recreate your favorite music videos from SHOW BY ROCK!! with these SD figures. (Screaming fans not included.)

Color Colle - SHOW BY ROCK!! 8Pack BOX [Movic]
Pre-painted PVC Mascot w/Canican Clip
8 Packs/Box
Size: Approx. 4cm

Is the Order a Second Season?

Season two of Is the Order a Rabbit?, conveniently titled Is the Order a Rabbit?? (note the double question marks), is confirmed for October. The anime has practically caught up with the manga so we may end up with some original episodes that let us pyon-pyon where no heart has pyon-pyoned before.

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Two Minutes to Midnight

The Cinderella Project continues with season two of The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls. As you can see in the latest key visual the girls haven't found their glass slippers yet and they don't care--they're happy to kick it barefoot! Practice is back in session when the show starts July 17.

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The Stars Are Right

And if that wasn't enough to get you hyped, the music from the series is being translated into a smartphone rhythm game, Idol Master: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage. Preregister with your Bandai Namco ID and receive 1000 Stage Yells, a rainbow-colored item that's worth its weight in gold.

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