News Roundup for June 26th, 2015

Freedom Isn't Free

It's been so long since I watched the TV series that I'm legitimately excited for the next compilation film. The latest trailer for Attack on Titan Part II: Wings of Freedom showcases the gory action, new dub and new theme from Linked Horizon, "The Price of Freedom." I know where I'll be when the movie opens in Saturday!

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Want to Play a Game?

When a high school teacher gets sliced to ribbons and a student is wrongly accused it's up to young genius detective Akechi and his even younger assistant Kobayashi to put the pieces back together. Game of Laplace, noitamina's adaption of the ero-guro nonsense from pre-war mystery author supreme Edogawa Rampo, begins July 3 courtesy of director Seiji Kishi (Persona 4) at studio Lerche (Assassination Classroom). In the meaintime check out the trailer that features ending theme "Speed and Friction," a title that sounds as ero-guro as you can get.

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A Familiar Story Returns

Light novel author Noboru Yamaguchi sadly passed away in 2013 before he could finish his magnum opus, The Familiar of Zero. Now the publisher is ready to answer the plea from fans and family asking for closure: another author will complete the series based on Yamaguchi's drafts for the final two volumes. If you celebrate loudly enough, maybe they'll give us an OVA adaptation as well!

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The Perfect Accessory For a Mobile Suit

It's tough to look tough when you're SD but this Dendrobium mobile armor certainly helps. Go on, give your Gundam the swag it deserves.


Have You Never Been Mallow

A middle-aged man who loves marshmallows and the woman who loves him--truly a romance for the ages, and one that we can all appreciate now that web manga Ojisan to Marshmallow has been green-lit for an anime adaptation. I anticipate it to be a three-minute short, which is justenough time to microwave and eat a smore.

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Rabbit Season is In Session

Sasara Kusugawa, being the responsible student council vice-president she is, takes being sexy very seriously by sliding into a pair of real fishnet stockings. They rip like real stockings as well, so handle with care unless you're into that sort of thing.

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