Interview: The Making of DX Soul of Chogokin Great Mazinger Part 2

Hey there, Shizu Mecha here. We're back with part 2 of our interview with the team behind the DX Soul of Chogokin Great Mazinger!

We sat down with Kimura-san and Terano-san of Bandai Collectors Division, maker of the highest of the high end collectibles, to hear more about this Great Mazinger.

We'll also give you an in-depth look at the differences between it and the DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z figure!

Click the image above to read part 1

Click the image above to read part 1


Shizu Mecha (SM): DX Soul of Chogokin Great Mazinger looks fantastic, but how poseable is it?

Terano (T): It's every bit as poseable as Mazinger Z was, which is incredible considering the size and weight.

Kimura (K): We used click joints to prevent it from collapsing under its own weight. As much as I'd love to include an in-flight stand, I'm terrified of what would happen if it were to fall down (laughs). 

SM: That makes sense in the real world, seeing how they are essentially iron fortresses. And they're just as detailed as they are hefty! Just look at the soles of their feet.

(Left: Great Mazinger / Right: Mazinger Z)

T: That's right. If you want to see these guys fly you'll have to pick them up and do it yourself. Just make sure to use two hands (laughs).

K: Joking aside, we'd love for people to play with the figures because they feel so great in hand. When we were taking product stills we had to hold the two robots up to have them shake hands. I felt like a kid again!

As an adult you don't get many chances to play with toys, especially ones this big, so it'll really bring you back. I know it did for me.

Terano-san and Kimura-san setting up that handshake scene. Even grown men have to put their backs into it to get these giants in position!

SM: The handshake parts are the icing on the cake. The just under 50,000 Yen cake...

T: It's certainly not cheap, but with this level of completion and amount of accessories it really can't be helped. Think of it this way; Great Mazinger comes with as many parts as Mazinger Z and the special Tamashii Web optional parts set combined.

SM: A small price to pay for the chance to become a child again. You can realize all the dreams of your youth now that you can afford them as an adult!

T:  As an upgraded Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger is more than just bigger. It also has more attacks and weapons, hence more parts. It actually comes with 1.5 times the number of parts as any Chogokin to date. event he Scramble Dash comes standard, something you'd never see outside of the DX line.

K: Then there is the Thunder Break. Usually we only see it fired from one hand but can be used in both, meaning we had to make both hand parts. The clenched fists and hands with moving fingers also came with Mazinger Z, but when you add in the Mazinger Blade grip hands Great Mazinger comes with twice as many hand parts to choose from. 

SM: All these parts allow you to recreate attacks like the Knee Impulse Kick, the Backspin Kick and the Triple Pressure Punch. Oh, and since there are two Mazinger Blades you can give one to Mazinger Z!

Great Mazinger is even more impressive when you open it up! Note the Mazinger Blade stored in the leg and all of the hyper realistic parts that make it move. Deluxe doesn't even begin to describe it!

SM: DX Soul of Chogokin figures use an incredible amount of metal parts. When you set them on your desk or shelf it feels like you're putting down an anvil! The tactile response when you snap on the body parts has to be experience to be believed.

K: The use of hybrid materials was a key factor in achieving this level of detail.

T: There are two bases--one for the Scramble Dash and one to store Great Mazinger in. They're not stored separately like this in the show. I guess even with Bandai's cutting edge technology some thing are still impossible in 2015 (laughs).

SM: The sound gimmicks were a major selling point for Mazinger Z. Does Great Mazinger make sounds as well?

T: Of course! There are 3 BGM songs, special attack phrases, and when you switch it on it makes that sound that plays when Tetsuya gets into the Brain Condor. He's not losing to Mazinger Z here either.

SM: If that's not perfection I don't know what is. The Tamashii brand makes some of the most extreme toys aimed at adults today.

K: Even within the Tamashii line you won't find other figures that lights up, makes sounds, come with a super detailed base or features so many removable parts and details.

SM: Speaking of the base, is this one any different than Mazinger Z's hanger?

T: The dimensions are the same but there are small differences like the placement of the joints and pegs. Just because the hanger is the same size doesn't mean the final package will be. The box is much larger due to all the extra parts Great Mazinger comes with (laughs).

K: It was important that we got this base right because this isn't the only Great Mazinger secret base out there. But it's the best.

Other accessories include effect parts for recreating the Breast Burn, the Great Boomerang and much more! With so much to play with the figure ought to spend more time in hand than on a shelf!

SM: The next question on everyone's minds is what comes next for DX Soul of Chogokin? Mazinkaiser? Grendizer? Something else entirely?

K: If we were to make a Grendizer to this scale you'd be able to ride in it (laughs). Though they used to make them that big back in the day... How about a Groizer X figure (laughs more).

T: I'd like to see Pacific Rim's Gipsy Danger next (laughs).

SM: If only (laughs)! If we are dreaming, I'm hoping for a Getter or maybe something from the Robot Romance Trilogy. If we are opening it up to more realistic robots there's no end to the possibilities!

T: Well, we've used the same voice actors as the TV shows for Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger, so if we follow that order Grendizer would be next. Truth be told, though, even we have no idea yet!

There's no rule that says we can only stick to the Mazinger series. You know, as a figure maker it's a pretty tough series to work with because it's such an iconic character. I'd be interested in hearing from fans what they'd like us to tackle next.

SM: Keeping this level of quality with the other robots in this line would be a challenge for sure. With a character as popular as this you don't only have to please Japanese fans. You've got to exceed the expectations of people all over the world.

K: That's not only true of Mazinger Z but for all Chogokin. The line is very popular with people in Europe and Asia and of course we keep them in mind too.

SM: If Bandai is willing to replace their flagship figure with an even more expensive one, they're just as likely to make DX Soul of Chogokin figures of other series. Readers, it's up to you to show your support and give them feedback to make it happen!

SM: OK, last question. Do you have anything you'd like to say to the AmiAmi Blog readers?

K: We were only able to make Great Mazinger because of the overwhelmingly positive reaction to DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z. I hope you enjoy Great Mazinger just as much if not more!

T: I may be too young to have grown up with these series but that hasn't stopped me from working on them with the same amount of passion as my senpai from that generation. I'll continue giving it my all for the fans.

SM: Thank you!

DX Soul of Chogokin - Great Mazinger [Bandai]

DX Soul of Chogokin - Great Mazinger [Bandai]

First Release Bonus featuring "Idai Majinga (Great Mazinger)" specially illustrated by Go Nagai  (4 B4 size image boards, special case)! You won't find these anywhere else!!

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