News Roundup for June 22nd, 2015

Life is Short: Good Thing Anime is Shorter

When you've got four sisters and a brother living under one roof the laughs never end. So given that the anime adaptation of 4-koma manga Danchigai will be a series of 5-minute shorts, the staff have their work cut out for them! Director Hiroshi Kimura (Military!) knows how to give you the most bang for your buck so be sure to tune in when it starts July 9.

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Rom-com Valedictorian

What's better than having a sexy, bossy wife? A sexy, bossy wife that's still in high school, that's what! The anime adaptation of lewd-but-rarely-crude manga Okusama ga Seito Kaichou! (My Wife is Head of the Student Council!) starts June 1 courtesy of production studio Seven (Ai Mai Mi, Strange+). Keeping with the studio's track record each episode will be a frantic ten-minute short--just the way I like my ecchi fun!

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Cyclone Motor Engaged


Sharp is cleaning house on social media with its new cordless vacuums that look more like futuristic firepower than home appliances. Check out the Twitter hashtag for more memes or browse Sharp's Twitter account for the best of the best.

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May the Foil Be With You

Star Wars gets shiny and super-deformed with its upcoming Bikkuriman crossover. Bikkuriman, of course, being chocolate wafers sold with holographic stickers enjoyed by children and adults with refined taste throughout Japan. Series 1 features the original trilogy and goes on sale June 30 followed by the new trilogy on July 14. With 24 stickers per series, collecting a full set will give you enough snacks to last until Episode 7 opens in December.

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Set Sail Towards a New Tale

Our protagonist Velvet lives up to her name with the silky-smooth animation of her hair in the reveal trailer for Tales of Berseria, the forthcoming JRPG for PlayStation 3 and 4. The clip doesn't show much, but what it does reveal--a pirate ship, enchanted forest, snow-covered village and other colorful locales--is enough to make me want to see more. Hopefully the next trailer gives us a look at the opening animation by ufotable along with a release date.

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