Preview: Dwell - Valkyria Chronicle: Selvaria Bles 1/7 Complete Figure by Vertex

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. The Valkyria Chronicle series has wowed fans with its unique European setting and the battles fought within. Today's figure is a Brigadier General (which means she's one of the bad guys) who's as beautiful as she is brave. Let's dig in! 

Selvaria's chest is certainly a head above the rest, or at least each breast is as big as one. It's amazing that her pencil-thin legs are able to carry the load, much less navigate the battlefield.

The tank tread design on her tights makes it look like there's a caterpillar crawling up her leg. Don't mind me, I'm just going to make myself a little cocoon...

I was going to engage from her lightly armored flank but her cold stare stopped me in my tracks! Looks like she understands that there's no point in covering up if you're not under risk of attack. I'll just admire the intricate design of her military uniform--from a safe distance.

The view from the rear catches her luscious silver locks at the zenith of a grand movement. This lady is going places and everything else--hair included--has to struggle to keep up. A sculpt like this that tells a story is truly the sign of a grand master.

Speaking of being a master, it's time to put my years of figure oogling experience to work. When was the last time you saw REVERSE ultimate territory on a figure--or even thought to look for it? Yes yes, you can thank me later. For now, enjoy the view.

Her chest is wide enough to station a platoon on! I know I'd make it my base of operations. Anyway, it's time to deploy. Get ready to jump off!

Not a bad sight to look up at as you parachute down to earth. Stay sharp, soldier--that flash of thigh could reveal valuable intel!

From down here we can see the most gorgeous part of the figure--her ornate knee guards! I can imagine her crushing the opposition underneath those boots. The enemy is practically begging for it!

Let's adjust the lighting to emphasize the curves of the figure (as if they weren't already). Folds and contours like this are hard to fully appreciate until you feel them in your hand. Hold tight onto Selvaria--she may be the key to victory your collection has been waiting for.

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.