News Roundup for June 16th, 2015

Keep the Love Alive

Love Live! The School Idol Movie dominated the Japanese box office and pulled in 400 million yen over its opening weekend. The international release isn't until August so you'll have to make do with the extended trailer that features the new track, "Angelic Angel."

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Drone Strike

In this 11-member family, the father is king--literally. Which makes his children royalty with super powers to match! The king keeps track of his subjects and future heirs using 200 security cameras installed throughout town. Dystopian future? No, it's the laugh riot Jokamachi no Dandelion, a 4-koma manga serialized in Manga Time Kirara Milk that's receiving an anime adaptation from Production IMS (Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!, The Testament of Sister New Devil). Be there for all the surveillance state fun this July.

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Sake It To Me

Meet Wakako, a 26-year old woman born with a taste for alcohol and drinking alone. Oh that sounds bad, let me clarify--she's strong and independent, not an alcoholic! And now you can follow her around to Tokyo's best bars now that the manga Wakako-zake is receiving an anime adaptation starring Miyuki Sawashiro (Suruga Kanbaru in Monogatari Series, Sinon in Sword Art Online II) and directed by Minoru Yamaoka (Kids on the Slope) at studio Office DCI. Have the beer nuts ready when the three-minute shorts start July 5.

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Figma Fashion Leader

Kotori-chan is as resourceful as she is clever and her figma comes with a sketchbook, pen, glowsticks and face parts to cheer her fellow μ's members on!

figma - Love Live!: Kotori Minami [MAX Factory]
Pre-pained Posable Figure
Size: Approx. H135mm (non-scale)
Material: ABS, PVC

Low Concept, High Fantasy

In the world of light novel Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan (Aerial Combat Wizard Candidate Instructor), mankind has retreated to floating cities against the threat of insect-like monsters. The army needs more mages to fight them, which is where ace-swordsman turned instructor Kanata Eiji comes in--except he's been assigned to train a squad of girls with personality issues and a ten-battle loosing streak! Check out the latest trailer featuring the ending theme "Hallelujah" by La La Lark and See Eiji turn their quirks into perks when the anime adaptation hits on July 8.

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What Touchscreens Were Invented For

It seems like all mobile games these days feature team-based combat, item crafting and a rare card gacha--but how many of them let you pat your characters on the head for a job well done? Battle Girls High School has a unique touchscreen-activated affection system where the more you rub, the more abilities you unlock. Check out the bevy of bishojo available at the official homepage and stroke your way to victory.

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A Testament to How Lewd Last Season Was

Holy moly, that's a dangerous dose of loli! Who needs a big sister with a little sister like this?

Dwell - The Testament of Sister New Devil: Maria Naruse 1/8 Complete Figure [Vertex]
Pre-Painted Complete Figure
Scale: 1/8
Size: Approx. H190mm
Material: PVC/ABS