Preview: Frame Arms Girl - Stiletto Plastic Model (w/AmiAmi Limited Decal) by Kotobukiya

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

Hey there, Shizu Mecha here. Back in January we previewed the first Frame Arms: Girl (FA:G), Gourai-chan. Well, I'm back with another FA:G based on Stiletto from the original FA lineup!

With twin tails and a tsun-tsun face this FA:G means business! As many of you know from playing with Gourai she's a total tank whereas Stiletto's lines are as sharp as her name implies.

In addition to the expression based on Shimada Fumikane's image illustration, she also comes with a front-facing smile, a right-facing smile and a left-facing scream for a total of four face parts. With this many looks she's definitely more emotive than Gourai-senpai. Not to worry though, they all come pre-printed and ready to be swapped between girls!

The included fixed-position left arm and leg allow you to get her even closer to the original image illustration. She makes such a great imouto for Gourai! Display them together to see what I mean.

Since she's based on a fighter jet design she naturally looks best in mid flight. The stabalizer wings on her feet are adjustable and can even be removed like most of her armor. The sharp lines are sculpted in such a way that you're hard pressed to find the joints even when looking for them. Way to go, Kotobukiya!

We used the Action Base Flying 3 (Sold Separately) for the photos here but she will include an adjustable base that will let you do similar flying poses. Still, we can't suggest having at least one stand if you like to play with poses as much as we do!

Slits in her skirt make girlish poses like this a breeze, which is simply amazing considering she's still fully armored!

Her gatling gun and hand missiles are perfect for long range combat. For close quarters, bust out this custom M.S.G. katana! If you're still not satisfied you also have the option of adding more firepower by adding other M.S.G. weapons (Sold Separately) to her 3mm accessory plugs.

Are those p-p-p-p-p-p-p.....


....p-p-lastic model p-p-p-p-anties under there? There are many ways to enjoy FA:Gs, from mixing in old FA parts to ogling the soft curves of their fleshy undercarriages.

The left-facing shouting expression gives her a war cry that, along with the radically different weapons, sets her further apart from her mild mannered senpai.

This tough tsun-tsun face is invincibly adorable! The posing possibilities of this one kit were more than enough, but the real appeal of the FA series are their customizability. Just try to imagine what she's capable of when you start adding in M.S.G and other FA parts!! 

Did I forget to mention she's a plastic model? That's right! If anything can get people excited about modeling it's the hard steel and supple curves of FA:Gs--especially in these AmiAmi exclusive panty decals:

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*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.