News Roundup for May 8, 2015


Noitamina looks to send shivers down your spine this summer with Game of Laplace, a TV anime based on the works of Edogawa Rampo, the grandfather of ero-guro. Judging by the trailer, director Seiji Kishi (Persona 4), script writer Makoto Uezu (Yuki Yuna is a Hero) and studio Lerche (Assassination Classroom) seem poised to capture the sense of mystery and madness that we remember Rampo for today.

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Gotta Download 'Em All

When Nintendo announced their plans last March to break into the mobile industry I didn't expect something so soon. Their first app is the Poke-music-dex, an iTunes for Pokemon tunes that lets you loop, mix and layer sound effects over your favorite tracks. The app streams three random tracks for free per day, or you can buy a track for unlimited listening at 120 yen a pop. With in-app purchases like this Nintendo's wasted no time in fishing for Wailords

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Ganba's Going Places

Adventures of Ganba

Shirogumi Inc., the CG studio behind Stand By Me Doraemon, has sunk 2 billion yen in hopes that their new family-friendly flick will float. Ganba & Friends is a big-budget CG update on the 1975 classic, The Adventures of Ganba, the story of a brave band of mice who fight against an army of evil white weasels. The scent of money that talking animals give off was too great for Marvel Studios co-founder Avi Arad to stay away and he's jumped on board as executive producer. Arad promises to release the film outside of Japan, maybe. Let's see how the domestic release does first when it opens on October 10.

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Unlimited Figma Works

Rin's picked up some new tricks since her last figma iteration, and I'm not just talking about the improved posability! There's spell parts, magic circuit-infused arms and since this is Rin, a deredere face to go with her usual tsuntsun one!

figma - Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]: Rin Tohsaka 2.0 [MAX Factory]
Pre-painted Posable Figure
Size: Approx. H140mm (NON Scale)
Material: ABS, Non-phthalate PVC

Japan Doesn't Punish Idolaters 

Kanda Shrine is located just outside Akihabara which puts it (theoretically) next to Otonokizaka Academy, hence the μ's members working there part time as shrine maidens. Their big smiles will help draw a crowd for this weekend's annual shrine festival. It should be a huge spectacle so swing by if you're in the area--after all, it's the only place to get your hands on the limited edition Love Live! T-shirts, sweets and posters!

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Hello, Nurse

This angel in white is limber enough to hit all the herky-jerky poses you see in your nightmares. Pair her with the Red Pyramid Thing figma (sold separately) to act out your favorite disturbing cutscenes!

figma - Silent Hill 2: Bubble Head Nurse [MAX Factory]
Pre-painted Posable ABS & PVC Figure

Size: Approx. H200mm (NON Scale)