Preview: 1/100 Action Figure Murasame Liger (Tentative name) by Kotobukiya

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Hey there, Shizu Mecha here. How many of you remember this preview from our Winter Wonder Festival 2015 coverage awhile back?

( ・∀・) Ooooo! Murasame Liger!

( ・д・) ...........?

(;゚Д゚) A-a-action figure?! Not a model?!

That's right, recall the shock upon learning that ZOIDS were breaking the mold and entering the world of action figures!

Let's see what this 1/100 scale figure has to offer that a model might not in our advanced preview!

1/100 Action Figure Murasame Liger (Tentative name) [Kotobukiya]

Where this HMM line were 1/72 scale the new series is 1/100, making them a tad smaller. What's lost in size is more than made up for in density, detail and poseability, though!

The actual design has also changed a tad to make the transition to action figure smoother. It remains faithful enough that even the most hardcore of fans would be hard pressed to find any real difference aside from the somewhat more streamlined feel of the body.

I'm not quite sure this is how felines sit, but it sits nonetheless! Cuteness trumps scientific accuracy every time!

Now on to the action part of the figure. The mouth and cockpit open, as does the extendable pile bunker hatch on its paw. Note that the visor will be made of clear material in the production version.

Then there is its greatest gimmick, the Murasame Blade on its back! Take a look at the ZOIDS inscription on the side of the blade!

The extended blade itself is almost as long as the liger and pivots every which way thanks to the rail and joint on the unit's back. 

Being an early sample this figure wasn't nearly as poseable as the production model will be but it still slices and dices every bit as well as it sits down to look adorable.

Look forward to a painted master sample review in the weeks to come!

PS: You can also score an unpainted version of the figure with the Initial Production Limited Edition Zoids: Genesis Blu-ray Box Set! click on the image above for more info!

1/100 Action Figure Murasame Liger (Tentative name) [Kotobukiya]

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