News Roundup for May 19th, 2015

Monstrously Tempting

You know how as a kid you thought there were monsters under your bed? Well, according to ecchi harem anime Monster Musume you were right--except the monsters are IN your bed, not under it! See humans and cryptid cuties exchange culture and a whole lot more when the anime adaptation of this New York Times best-selling manga slithers onscreen in July.

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Sister Act

Uguu-uguu, imouto-chan has a secret for YOU. At school the popular and talented Umaru pretends to be a model human being but as soon as she gets home she transforms into a lazy slug whose greatest ambition is to eat snacks and watch TV. I can relate to that! See her live the dream much to onii-san's disguest in July with the anime adaptation of the slice-of-life gag manga Himoto! Umaru-chan.

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Extraordinarily Ordinary

Uzuki Shimamura Nendoroid

Uzuki Shimamura is the classic idol success story--she rose to popularity because she was unpopular!--and her panicked swirly-eyed expression simply screams, "Help, I'm a normal girl in over my head!" Unlike the character it represents this Nendoroid is above average.

Nendoroid - THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Uzuki Shimamura [Good Smile Company]
Pre-painted Posable Figure
Size: Approx. H100mm (NON Scale)
Material: ABS, Non-phthalate PVC 

Why Did the Alpaca Cross the Road?

Make sure to look both ways before dancing in the street in the browser game Honokar by Twitter user Dafuramaki. Like Honoka sings in "Susume Tomorrow," she felt the possibility and needs to push forward, so send her back and forth across traffic to pick up the other Printemps members. Taxis are one thing, but the alpaca are so fast you'll never see them coming!

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Double the Waifu Fun

Frustrated that some people save their fan art as teeny-tiny thumbnails? You're not alone! Otaku programmers have written an algorithm based on research from Cornell University that upscales any image with no loss in quality. How does the magic of Waifu2x work? Its homepage mentions "deep convolutional neural networks," which sounds like the plot of 5pb's next Science Adventure game. Honestly it would be faster to demo it yourself.

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I Know Trouble When I See It

Momo Velia Deviluke

I'd point out to Momo that her yukata is open, but knowing her she's doing it on purpose. My self control is like Momo's sash--I can't stop it from unraveling!

To Love-Ru Darkness - Momo Velia Deviluke Yukata Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure [FREEing]
Pre-painted Complete Figure
Scale: 1/8
Size: Approx. H200mm
Material: PVC