Preview: Real Action Heroes No. 709 RAH Meliodas by MEDICOM TOY

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

Meshi here, ready to deliver another heaping helping of figure previews! Meliodas has led The Seven Deadly Sins to the top of the popularity charts in its magazine and as an anime. Today we're looking at his playability as a poseable figure loaded with gimmicks!

Real Action Heroes No. 709 RAH Meliodas [MEDICOM TOY]

Here's a full body shot to start. His round features and mischievious aura are there in full! So is his slacker charm from the loose necktie and bouncy ahoge to his broken Dragon Handle. Somehow it all comes together into this refined character!

The back view gives a better look at his highly detailed spiky hair and peculiar bag. The use of cloth and soft materials gives his outfit a very natural fit and feel.

He comes loaded with interchangeable parts, letting you recreate all your favorite scenes from the show! With hands parts as expressive as these you'll have a blast coming up with your own situations too!

Then there are the three facial expressions. This glaring face is a biting departure from his normal expression and goes perfect with these clenched fists.

Then there's the Black Mark face. The color of his pupils change along with the mark above his eye. Add in the blown back hair parts and unleash the cool rage of the Dragon's Sin of Wrath!

This battle damaged shirt shows off his Dragon tattoo and brings back memories of some of the story's most intense scenes!

But wait--that's not all! Use the included stand for action packed poses like these, where he's swinging Liz's Sword! This is one figure you won't be able to put down once you get your hands on him.

Let's focus on just the accessories for a moment. He's 25cm tall, meaning they are packed with all the detail you can fit into 1/6 scale! With craftsmanship like this he'll look just as good in your display case.

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.