News Roundup for May 13th, 2015


Schick entices neckbeards to shave once a year with their annual Evangelion collaboration. This time they offer a Unit 01 holder that automatically deploys your shaver and a wall-mounted holder with Unit 01s silky-smooth face on it. Each item comes with a Puchi Eva figure built to balance over the side of the sink or wherever. Check out the homepage for details and animated memes narrated by Gendo, the king beardo himself.

Official homepage:

Pass the Soy Sauce

Even if your diet is gluten-free you have to admit that this plate of anthropomorphic sushi looks mighty tasty! These vinegared vixens are straight from the hands of Harikamo, author of Urara Meiro-cho, a 4-koma manga that runs in Manta Time Kirara Miraku. Head over to their Twitter for more cute than you can stomach.

Official homepage:

Mobile Games Strike Handheld Market

Move over Puzzle & Dragons, Monster Strike is the latest mobile game to make the leap to the Nintendo 3DS! This fast-paced action title has you ricochet your team of monsters around the screen to fight enemies in a weird combination of marbles and Pokemon. Any good game deserves a media-mix project so we can also look forward to an anime adaptation this year.

Official homepage:

Choose Your Digi Destiny

Fire up your Digivice and find out which Digimon partner you're destined to be linked with! If you don't like the result, well, that's why each order comes with eight packs.

Digimon Adventure - DigiColle! DATA1 8Pack BOX [MegaHouse]
8 Packs/Box
1 Pre-painted Figure (w/base)/Pack
Assorted according to maker's rate from 8 types.

Stop Driving Stupid

Self-driving smart cars are still years away so let's focus on what matters now--smart drivers! The Toyota-sponsored Tokyo Smart Driver program aims to reduce traffic accidents by praising people for obeying the rules of the road. But if their agents act anything like the ones in the video I imagine that Tokyo's freeways will turn into a demolition derby. Don't think, just enjoy the animation from Kamikaze Douga, the people behind opening animation for Jojo's Bizzare Adventure.

Official homepage:

Fire Up Your HDD

Noire, or Black Heart? It's a close competition but I have to give it to Black Heart for having slightly better boots and bits.

Hyperdimension Neptunia - Black Heart 1/7 Complete Figure [Alter]
Pre-painted Complete PVC Figure
Scale: 1/7
Size: Approx. H310mm (including base, wing) / Approx. L410mm (including wing, weapon)