News Roundup for April 7, 2015

The Power of Song

Hear the voice actresses of the Sailor Soldiers sing their hearts out in "Kakumei wa Night and Day," a preview from the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal character song album. Fans have been going back and forth about the new TV series versus the original, and now they can argue the merits of the music when the CD releases on April 29.

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Fast and Furious

Teekyu is such a fast paced show that they announced the fifth season during yesterday's fourth season premier! Hopefully they give the cast's vocal cords enough time to cool down between recording sessions.

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Crazy in Love

Kurihara is a normal schoolgirl... except for the abnormal obsession she has on her crush, Momo. See what happens when cute goes to creepy and back again in Momokuri, a love comedy produced by animation studio Satelight that's slated to start later this year.

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Free As a (Mecha) Bird

"Oh no," I can hear you thinking, "A model kit?!" But fear not, for the Frame Arms series are so simple that even I can put one together. They share a generic inner-frame so you can share weapon and armor between models. The only limit is your imagination (and the number of parts) so the more kits you have, the crazier setups you can build.

Frame Arms XFA-CnV Vulture 1/100 Plastic Model [Kotobukiya] 
Plastic Model Kit
Scale: 1/100
Size: Approx. 165 mm Tall


The Japanese Self-Defense Forces protect the country and now they protect our homes in J-cole, the only smartphone game officially licensed by the JSDF. Crawl over counter tops, sail the kitchen sink and take to the air over the trashcan with game play that's easy to learn but hard to master. Enlist today!

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Springtime in Sanrio Land

Hello Kitty brings rayon back in a big way with this stunning synthetic kimono. Just add a tasteful floral print and viola, crass becomes class!

Hello Kitty Chirimen Fabric - Japanese Doll S Red(Telacoya)
Size: W120 x H120 x D50mm
Material: Rayon Chirimen Fabric