Preview: Love Live! School Idol Festival - Kotori Minami 1/7 Complete Figure by Alter

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Meshi here, ready to deliver another heaping helping of figure previews! Love Live! boasts as complete a media mix as anything out there, with twice the fan-generated content to boot. Today's figure hails from an Ultra Rare card from the series' social game School Idol Festival. Let's dig in!

Love Live! School Idol Festival - Kotori Minami 1/7 Complete Figure [Alter]

If this Snowman, Kotori Style were any hotter she'd melt herself (along with my heart)!

There's so much to love in this garishly sexy get up, but what  holds it all together is the belly button cutaway. 

I take that back. What this figure is really all about is a chaotic array of balance and unbalance. The sceptre's crown mirrors Kotori's while her stockings don't match each other at all. And yet it works! Top it all off with layered textures of metallic, frill and fluff and you've got one of the most sophisticated figures out there!

If you thought the front was layered get a load of this hair!

There's a surprising lack of skin but the bits we can see peeking out of her costume are as pure and white as snow.

You don't have to be Kotori oshi to appreciate this smile! In fact I bet some of you are tossing out your pink and blue glow sticks for gray as we speak. 

In 2015 pumpkin bloomers are as essential to idols as the ability to smile 24/7 and a stockpile of cheki poses. Alter realizes this and put every tool at their command into getting them just right.

From the left side you can just make out the straps of her top. Clearly the sculptor is a Love Liver!, which makes me wonder how they have any time to memorize the mixes and practice the dance routines when they put this much effort into even the smallest of details. 

Just as much attention went to the paint job, from the snow crystals in her gradated top to the flecked lamé skirt. Talk about Snow Halation!

You can't just throw a figure of this caliber onto a dusty shelf and call it a day. Put yourself into the performance as stage designer once she arrives and go from mere fan to super producer!

Love Live! School Idol Festival - Kotori Minami 1/7 Complete Figure [Alter]

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