News Roundup for April 27th, 2015

μ's on Broadway

The girls get lost in the New York subway system, Maki kisses a stranger and Nico is assaulted by an alpaca in the trailer for Love Live! The School Idol Movie. The film opens in Japan on June 13 followed by an international screening and concert tour. Visit the homepage below to see how you can catch μ's in your country! 

Official homepage:

Making Anime Safe For Kids Again

We've been so frantic to find a replacement Studio Ghibli that we forgot the studio that Ghibli cribbed its style from--Nippon Animation! The production house behind World Masterpiece Theater stick to their 70s roots with Sinbad: The Flying princess and the Secret Island, the first part of a trilogy that opens on July 4. Sorry fans of Magi and FOX family comedies--it's based on the adventures of the OTHER Sinbad.

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Balloon Chest

Twitter user and balloon animal artist extraordinaire Isopresso inflates the Hestia trend with this buoyant offering. Check their Twitter and Tumblr for more rubberized recreations.


Ready For Armageddon

Getter tomahawk, Getter rifle, Getter wing--this Shin Getter 1 may be tiny but he packs a big arsenal! And when you're ready to go home and relax, finish the job with a blast of potent Stoner Sunshine.

ES Gokin - Getter Robo Armageddon: Shin Getter 1 [Fewture Models]
Size: Approx. 150mm

Godwin's Law Reigns Supreme

Dies Irae

When the history books wrote about the fall of Nazi Germany they left out the part about the mystics and madmen who performed a ritual to become supernatural demon knights! Now modern Japan is forced to deal with the consequences in the epic fantasy action visual novel, Dies Irae. There's no English translation--boo! But the staff are planning a kickstarter for an anime adaptation--yay! Can't go wrong with Fate/stay night meets Hellsing.

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How Many Grains of CG Sand Fit on a Pinhead?