News Roundup for April 24th ,2015

The Red Jacket Was at the Cleaners

Get the gang back together because here comes the first mainline Lupin III TV series in 30 years! (Apparently The Woman Called Fujiko Mine doesn't count because it cut the humor from the hard-boiled dialogue.) The upcoming caper is set in the Republic of San Mariona, a microstate surrounded by Italy that's home to monks, rugged mountains and aerial cable cars. We'll see how the pieces fall into place when it airs in Italy this May followed by Japan in the fall.

Official homepage:

Horsing Around with the Survey Corps

This entire time I assumed Levi rode a pony but these Ichibankuji figures sure proved me wrong. I wonder if he has to use his 3D-maneuver gear to get into the saddle?

Official homepage:


Speaking of getting into the saddle, this centaur body pillow is designed to be easily mounted. Forget all the haters--ride off into the sunlight and don't look back!

Newly Illustrated Kentaurs-girl L-shaped Life-size Hugging Pillow Cover by Z-Ton (w/Pillow Body) [GPT]
Size: 1200 x 1200mm (thickness with cushion batting: 500mm)
Material: 2-way Tricot
*Set includes hugging pillow cover and a L-shaped pillow body.

Is the Order a Processed Food?

If a double shot of moe isn't enough to make your heart go pyon-pyon, maybe a hot cup of coffee and sugary bread can help raise your pulse. The girls of GochiUsa are coming to convenience store Lawson on May 19 for limited edition character goods and more! Until they release details you'll have to make do with this charming illustration.

Official homepage:

Get Your Pokemon PhD

Professor Oak and his assistants welcome visitors to the world of Pokemon at Tokyo's Miraikan science museum from July 8 to October 12. You'll learn how to determine the contents of any given Pokeball using the scientific method as well as how to observe and classify different types of Pokemon. Oh, who am I kidding, the real reason to go is to see Pikachu looking cute in a lab coat!

Official homepage:

Howdy Partner!

Woody's sorry about all the trouble he caused as a figma. He's grown since then, both figuratively and literally--he's now the same size as his movie counterpart! Go on, pull his string to prove that there's no hard feelings.

Ultimate Woody [Medicom Toy]
Size: Approx. H385mm (up to head)