Preview: Lingerie Style Fate/stay night Saber Special Premium Editions by WAVE

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Meshi here, ready to deliver another heaping helping of figure previews! If you constantly find yourself saying "So many Sabers, so little time!," boy have I got the package deal for you. Let's dig in!

Lingerie Style Fate/stay night Saber [Special Premium Edition] 1/8 Complete Figures


This isn't a pinup page from Fate/triple x, you're actually looking at the figures laid out on a luxury bed! At a glance they seem like identical quadruplets but closer inspection reveals the subtle differences that make each Saber special.

Being premium editions means, among other things, that the lingerie has a shiny pearl coating for a satiny smooth look fit for a king. The only way to take on four servants at once is to divide and conquer, so here goes....

Fate/stay night - Saber

Fate/stay night's Saber 1.0's modest proportions don't keep her from sticking her chest out with pride. 

And why should they? She's absolutely royal in this orthodox blue bra and panty set. The metallic finish mirrors the look of her armor. I wonder if it's as impenetrable...

Fate/unlimited codes - Saber Lily

Knights in white satin, legs never reaching the end♪

Fate/unlimited codes' Saber Lily is taking a break from air comboing newbs in this adorably playful pose.

The lingerie is perfectly coordinated with the dress that's usually over it, right down to the sheer parts. You have my sword, O Princess of Knights!

Fate/EXTRA - Saber EXTRA

Are you my praetor?

In death as in life, Nero is lighting up the bedroom in fiery red. 

The bigger bust line goes great with her larger than life personality and is only the beginning of her differences from other Sabers. With an emperor like this I'm surprised that all of her subjects weren't fiddling as Rome burned down!

Fate/stay night - Saber Alter

This tainted tyrant rules with iron fists in satin gloves! 

Saber Alter's fast food fixation certainly doesn't show here! Against this black ensemble her comparatively pale skin looks white as a ghost but her body is anything but lifeless. 

This special base lights up with LEDs to create the sexiest bridal chamber/night light you'll ever see. You'll never be alone in the dark again!

Lingerie Style Fate/stay night Saber [Special Premium Edition] 1/8 Complete Figures

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