News Roundup for March 9, 2015

Flower Power

A-1 Pictures brings together an all-star cast of creators for original theatrical anime, The Vitreous Flower Destroys the World. Masashi ishihama (From the New World) will direct the script by Fumihiko Shimo (Clannad, Amagi Brilliant Park) with character designs by Kantoku (The "Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat.") The original scenario from creative duo Physics Point revolves around anthropomorphic bits of software that battle against bugs inside a computer, er, "knowledge box." Stay tuned for plot details and release date.

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Bust Out the Jams

Ani-song singer Eir Aoi has never worked on a bad show so knowing that her track "Lapis Lazuli" will be the ending theme for The Heroic Legend of Arslan seals the deal. The tale of war, slavery and religious fanaticism from author Hiromu Arakawa (Full Metal Alchemist) starts in April. Hopefully they'll give us a trailer with actual animation before then.

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Update to the Latest Version

Hatsune Miku Vocaloid 3 scale model

Hatsune Miku has received a number of upgrades over the years and figure technology continues to evolve to keep pace. This massive 1/4 scale entry into the Vocaloid library stands nearly 4 Cds tall and will tower over the rest of your collection, both in size and level of detail.

VOCALOID3 - Miku Hatsune V3 1/4 Complete Figure [Freeing]
Pre-painted Complete PVC Figure
Scale: 1/4
Size: Approx. H420mm
[Set Contents]
-Main figure

Hungry For a Big Slice of Yuri

YuruYuri Season 3

The recent OVA YuruYuri Summer Vacation must have gone over well because the antics of the Amusement Club have been green-lit for a third season! But the feel-good moe show scene has come a long way since the second season aired in 2012. Can the girls compete with the current market leader GochiUsa or the the zombie apocolypse of Gakko Gurashi? Oh, what am I getting all worked up for, I'm sure they'll all make super-duper friends☆

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Marzipan Moon Power, Make Up!

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon cookie charm

The Sailor Moon marketing blitz that gave us charms, candies and charm-shaped candies goes full circle with candy-shaped charms. Each item in the 12-piece sit comes nestled in a tin like a fancy box of sweets. Be sure to keep them out of reach of children too young to know the difference between a cookie and choking hazard. Sailor Moon says! Ufufu.

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Square Pusher

Pixel Tweet app

With the Pixel Tweet app there's no color palettes, no confusing layer settings, no agonizing over brush size--in fact, there's no tools at all! Just tap your smartphone screen to create pixel art and share it over Twitter. Check out other people's creations and add your own to the art devolution.

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That's Not a Mobile Suit, It's a Gum-dam!

Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

The Full Armor Unicorn Gundam comes armed to the teeth but the real heavy artillery is at the bottom of the box--that's right, the pack-in piece of gum! That helps explain why the hyper beam javelin is a bubblegum pink.

Mobile Suit Gundam ASSAULT KINGDOM Full Armor Unicorn (Full Weapon Style) [Bandai]
[Set Contents]
-Pre-painted figure x1 set
-Gum x1