News Roundup for March 30, 2015

Rock Me Amadeus

Steins;Gate has as many diverging plot lines as reality has world lines. The Epigraph Trilogy series of light novels and manga explores the Beta Attractor Field where Okabe fails to save Makise and now this material will be adapted into a visual novel and anime! The plot introduces Makise's research assistant who is working on the Amadeus, a system that generates AI based on user memories. Saying anything else would take us into spoiler territory so sit tight for details about the sequel named like a prequel, Steins;Gate 0.

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Try It On For Size

The hardest working idols in anime are back with a new single, Mi wa Muse-ic no Mi. The title track and "Super LOVE=Super LIVE!" are both certified bangers, so grab your glowsticks and unleash some freestyle ota-gei with the sample above.

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Behind the Music

Producing idols is old news. Now it's all about producing voice actresses to be idols! Try your hand at fabricating the next seiyuu pop sensation in Koesta, a free to play smartphone game starring the voice talent of Ari Ozawa, Kaoru Sakura and Chinami Hashimoto, when it launches this summer.

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Sakura Watch 2015: Day 2


Cherry blossom viewing is fun for the whole family (even the dog). Don't forget to charge your camera batteries because you only get to see a sight this beautiful once a year. 

Quite the Catch

Ace of Diamond Kazuya Miyuki

Apricot Blossom knocks it out of the park with this sculpt of our favorite clutch hitter! The details around back are as tight as his strategy. 

Ace of Diamond - Kazuya Miyuki 1/9 Complete Figure [Apricot blossom]
Pre-painted Resin Cast Complete Figure
Scale: 1/9
Size: Approx. 200mm
Material: Color Resin, ABS

Rainbow Layers

Super cosplay hacker Shizuoka takes tech to the next level with this LED skirt and sword for the Toho Project character Tenshi Hinanawi. The 3D printed materials use motion sensors so the lights change with every step, or you can control them manually with the custom smartphone app. Check out the video from the link below to see it in action.


Know When to Break Character

Dragon Ball Z Kai Master Roshi

Jeepers creepers, try not to be a peeper when you put on these Master Roshi sunglasses.

Dragon Ball Z Kai - Master Roshi's Sunglasses [COSPA]