News Roundup for March 27th, 2015

Highschool PI

Tokyo Ghoul Jack anime

The anime Tokyo Ghoul √A may over but there's still plenty of story left to tell, even if it means digging up the past. The spin-off prequel manga Tokyo Ghoul: Jack details how Kisho Arima and Taishi Furu met during high school and now it's receiving an OVA adaptation. Try to keep your hunger under control until it comes out later this year.

Official homepage:

Sing With Glee

TV anime High School Star Musical invites you to find your inner sparkle at showbiz school Ayana Academy. Our protagonists got the moves, they got the PMA, but they've also got competition! See if these bumbling underdogs can follow their dreams to the top of the charts when the show starts this fall.

Official homepage:

Oh Baby

Lady Baby idol unit

Costume maker Clearstone brings together foreign personality Lady Beard and web idols to form Lady Baby, a PR idol unit that overcomes nationality, age and gender norms! They may not have any songs but that doesn't stop them from being my current favorite group. Check out their homepage to see a clip of the gang doing the things that Japanese schoolgirls do. (Spoiler: Being kawaii!!!)

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Sakura Watch 2015: Day 1

Spring is here and so are the cherry blossoms! But they won't be here for long which is why we'll be capturing their beauty on camera during our daily commute. Look forward to the city in full bloom when we update on Monday! 

Bug Eyes

While the atmosphere of Mars may have a history of making your eyes pop, in this case the mutation is a side effect of the Petit Chara chibi-ization process. These specimens are perfectly healthy, I assure you.

Petit Chara! Series - Terra Formars 6Pack BOX [MegaHouse]
6 Packs/Box
1 Pre-painted Complete Figure with Base/Pack
Size: Approx. 55mm (including base)

Master of Ceremonies

The Testament of Sister New Devil announced that it will be back for a second season with this armpit-lickin' good teaser. Look forward to more creative censorship come October.

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The Wonder Years

Mujaki no Rakuen anime

Ever wish you could go back and redo your school days knowing what you do as an adult? That's what happens in the manga Mujaki no Rakuen (Paradise of Innocence) when a plot device puts the mind of a 25-year old NEET back in the body of his 10-year old self. Have your tissues at the ready when this emotional tear jerker gets an OVA to be bundled with volume six of the manga on August 29.

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Inpatient Calls Welcome

Triage X Yuka Sagiri figure Orchid Seed

Get onboard the Triage X hype train before the show arrives at the station this April with this figure of brilliant surgeon Yuka Sagiri. I hope you have the steady hands of a doctor to carefully remove the cast-off enabled top.

Triage X - Yuka Sagiri 1/7 Complete Figure [OrchidSeed]
Pre-painted Complete PVC Figure
Scale: 1/7
Size: Height approx. 275mm