Preview: BEACH QUEENS - Nisekoi: Marika Tachibana 1/10 Complete Figure by WAVE

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Meshi here, ready to deliver another heaping helping of figure previews! Today we're looking at the latest Nisekoi BEACH QUEEN to hold everyone over until the next season starts up. Let's dig in!

BEACH QUEENS - Nisekoi: Marika Tachibana 1/10 Complete Figure [WAVE]

True to character this Marika is a prim and proper lady, right down to her choice of modest white swimwear. 

The moe gap between her childish demeanor and her big-girl body is as wide as her two hair stands are long. Wait a second... Is she pointing where I think she's pointing? She is, isn't she? Maybe we'd better rethink this innocent maiden business...

...and while we're at it, I'm calling shenanigans on her frail body too! The only thing weak here are my knees while I look at her amazing silhouette!!

That last shot was so great I'm writing about this one from the floor. If I could have fallen any lower I would have after seeing this floating strap. Have mercy!

The mysteries of her mullet (and what's lurking under the frills of her bottoms) are solved by this back shot. That leaves me with just one more question...

...that you'll have to pick her up for yourself to answer. Sorry, this is as low as my tripod goes! Make the most of this direct eye contact consolation prize before scrolling down.

While the E in her cup size certainly doesn't stand for Enormous, words like Exquisite, Excellent and Enrapturing all seem to fit.

From up above we have the beginning of her end.

Whatever you put into her right hand is your business, but as for me, well, maybe I'd better keep that my business after all.

You can't have a bikini figure preview without at least one tropical shot. I'll do you one better and leave you with two to keep you warm during the last days of winter!

BEACH QUEENS - Nisekoi: Marika Tachibana 1/10 Complete Figure [WAVE]

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.