Preview: RAH GENESIS: Kamen Rider Drive type SPEED by MEDICOM TOY

Let's go for a ride!


Hey there, Shizu Mecha here. RAH (Real Action Heroes) is launching a new line called RAH GENESIS and who better to take the series for its first spin than Drive? From Sunday morning TV to the AmiAmi Blog, here's RAH GENESIS: Kamen Rider Drive type SPEED! Read on for our full throttle preview before orders open on midnight, March 24th ! 

RAH GENESIS is starting off right with the most popular of Drive's many types--this hot red body and black tire combo otherwise known as type SPEED.

Sure he looks great from the front but get a load of the details around back! Special materials were used to bring the driving suit to life and at big 1/6 scale its intricate detail makes it look like he leapt right out of the screen!

Talk about a newly waxed sheen! The glossy fabric has a touch of glitter mixed in that has to be seen in person to be believed. Folds in the suit give it an extra boost of realism.

The LED light gimmick inside the Speed Aero Met lets you turn on Multi Highbeam Eye and Signal-D!

Drive's light up action is a RAH first and a big part of the new RAH GENESIS line. It's so cool that it calls for a special urban setting shelf to display him on!

The helmet's Air Exhaust Pipe gets the look just right with metallic paint and exhaust discolorations! In fact the figure is full of rich texture, from the shiny vivid armor to the tire's matte finish and the solid feel of the mecha parts. The car motif is so spot on that you feel like you could take it for a Drive!

No matter how close you get or where you look there isn’t a single spot where the figure falters, even the soles of his boots! You normally get to see that during his SpeeDrop finisher. This extreme level of detail is another cornerstone of the RAH GENESIS line.

The super poseable bodyline has been beautifully recreated using the RAH301 KAI with special parts. Drive's full throttle poses like "Let's go for a ride!" aren't a problem thanks to the elasticity of the special fabric. 

Now we need a Mach so we can pose them in front of fireworks!
*I’m kidding, of course! Keep him far away from flame.

The gimmicks don't stop coming--you can also do a Tire Exchange from type SPEED Tire to Max Flare Tire by swapping out the breast cowl parts! (He doesn't come apart for this so you'll have to wrap it around him yourself)

Nice Drive! Tire Koukan!

Shinnosuke's marvelously voiced partner belt, the Drive Driver, swaps out the central face for 4 variations! I'm sure Mr. Belt himself would approve.

The Shift Car Holder on his lower back comes with 1/6 scale shift cars that can be placed into the Shift Brace on his left hand! Naturally you get Shift Speed and for the TIRE KOUKAN! Shift Max Flare in both positions.

I'm so happy to see this much attention go to crafting Shinnosuke's partners. They deserve it for all the super help they give to Shinnosuke and Kiriko!

Lastly here’s a sneak peek at some of the AmiAmi original shots!

Let's go for a ride!

-Sculptor: Koguma Shimon & PERFECT-STUDIO
-Costumer: Mieko Akimoto
-Height: approx. 300mm
-Includes hand parts and adjustable stand
-Sales agency: Plex Inc.
-Planned release date: November 2015

Go for a ride with RAH GENESIS and this super accelerated Drive!

(C) 2014 石森プロ・テレビ朝日・ADK・東映
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may vary.