News Roundup for March 16th, 2015

Yay For Yaoi

Dokyusei anime adaptation

"Why so glum, chum? Why don't you sing with the rest of us?" And so begins the story of Dokyusei (Classmates), the seminal BL manga by Asumiko Nakamura that's receiving an anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures. Kenji Nojima plays the reclusive honor students with the glasses, Hiroshi Kamiya plays the blonde and beyond that we don't know when (or how) the title will be released. I'd say to keep your ears open, but with a vocal cast like this I'm sure you don't need to be asked.

Official homepage:

Open Your Wallet and Pray

Love Live Kanda shrine goods

Kanda Shrine is located just outside Akihabara which puts it (theoretically) next to Otonokizaka Academy, hence the μ's members working there part time as shrine maidens. Thanks to the shrine's new mail order service you can pay your respects to the Love Live! merchandising gods from the comfort of home. Check out the homepage below for exclusive character goods ranging from pouches to sweets to T-shirts.

Official homepage:

Refugees from the Island of Misfit Toys

Hagen no Zista

Remember the good 'ol pre-Internet days, when Japan was the legendary birthplace of mysterious toys that you could only find in the pages of magazines or at swap meets? Now you can just look up anything on Wikipedia, and what's the fun of that? But Banda's Hagen no Zista line of blindbox mini-robots brings back some of that old mystique. What are they? Where do they come from? Why do they come with chocolate? The story you make up with your friends is probably more interesting than the official one anyhow.

Hagen no Zista Chocolate Part.4 10Pack BOX (CANDY TOY) [Bandai]
10 Packs/Box
1 Pre-Painted Figure + 3 Chocolates/Pack
Assorted according to maker's rate from 6+3 types.

Wish Upon the Stars

Wooser's hand to mouth life

Wooser's back for a third season and he's bringing Gen Urobuchi to headline the star-studded cast of writers. The show airs in July as part of Ultra Super Anime Time, a new time slot dedicated to short anime by Ultra Super Pictures. You know, Trigger is also part of that group... Is it too much to ask for a second season of Inferno Cop? I'm sure their office has a janitor willing to animate the whole thing for the price of a hot lunch. 

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The Band's Back Together

Symphogear GX

Senki Zessho Symphogear also returns for a third season in July. The title was just announced so while we don't know the story details, the logo might be a big tip-off. Regardless of how the plot plays out, you can't go wrong with hot-blooded magical girls and ani-song to match.

Official homepage:

Ghosts 'n Giggles

High schooler Hibiki Amami sees dead people. But that doesn't stop her from having wacky fun with her friends in the yon-koma manga, Re-kan! While ghosts may not be able to find rest at least they can be comic relief when the anime adaptation haunts the airwaves next spring.

Official homepage:

Less is More & More

Walkure Romance More & More  Bertille figure by Daiki Kogyo

Yeah yeah, I get that bikini armor has gone out of style. That's why this figure removes the pretense to simply deliver an armored girl in a bikini. As far as what else can be removed, well, I wouldn't want to lessen the surprise.

Walkure Romanze More & More - Bertille 1/6 Complete Figure [Daiki Kogyo]
PVC Pre-Painted Complete Figure
Scale: 1/6
Size: Approx. 300mm Tall
*Swimsuit parts can be cast off.
*Please cast-off at your own risk. Parts may be damaged during removal.
[Set Contents]
-Main figure