News Roundup for March 11th, 2015

Fight Club

Two-person unit Last Note went from Vocaloid P to light novel virtuoso with their breakout series about super-powered high school battles, Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku. Now studio Dogakobo (Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun) is bringing us an anime adaptation with director Taro Iwasaki (One Week Friends) and scripts by Masahiro Yokotani (Free!). Be there when the culture club wars begin in April!

Official homepage:

Nyarlathotep Fhtagn (For Love)

Nyaruko OVA wedding dress

Nyaruko's hearing wedding bells--or maybe it's just her brain rattling around inside her skull. Find out if she finally tricks Mahiro into tying the knot when the OVA Haiyore! Nyaruko F opens in Japanese theaters on March 30.

Official homepage:

Micro Transactions Pay Big Dividends

Cygames anime production department

Cygames has me thinking that maybe P2P games aren't totally evil after all with the anime adaptation of their IPs Rage of Bahamut and The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls. Now they're putting their ill-gotten gains to good use by establishing an anime production division that will create both adaptations and original works. Move over light novels, mobile games are the source material of the future!

Official homepage:

Girls in the Gaming Industry

New Game! is the hottest manga you probably haven't heard of--and if you have, congratulations! You're ahead of the curve. It's a 4-koma based on the author's experience working at a video game company and as you can see from these rubber charms the character designs are as cute as any indy title!

NEW GAME! - Poppuchi Rubber Collection.: Suzukaze Aoba [Izanagi]
NEW GAME! - Poppuchi Rubber Collection.: Takimoto Hifumi [Izanagi]

Size: Approx. 4cm (varies slightly by character)
Material: PVC

Eye See What You Did There

Parasyte phone app
Parasyte app 2

If you thought your smartphone was a parasitic extension of your hand before, just wait until you download the Parasyte VFX app by tech mavericks AR Sankyodai. You can use its camera feature to put Migi's eyeball on your hand or take a horiffic face-splitting selfie. And for the total immersion experience be sure to download some dubstep off iTunes.

Download for iOS:

Jam Session

The multi-talented boys of UtaPri all play instruments (if you consider maracas an instrument) and now you can groove along with this 12-pack of randomly assorted character brooches!

DECO RICH Uta no Prince-sama MUSIC2 12Pack BOX [Movic]
12 Packs/Box
1 Brooch/Pack
Size: Approx. 6cm
Material: PVC, Metal
Assorted according to maker's rate from 11 types.