News Roundup for February 5th, 2015

Enjoy the Appetizer 

The gameplay and designs of God Eater are so anime it hurts so I'm shocked it took this long for an anime adaptation! Ufotable will bring the ginormous monster Aragami and equally ginormous weapons of the God Eaters to the small screen as only they can. Look forward to long exposition, long swords and lots and lots of lens flare this summer!

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Wet T-shirt Contest!

Normally survival sports involve airsoft guns that shoot plastic pellets, but this is the Iwatobi Swim Club we're dealing with so of course they defer to the pool party favorite--water guns! See the boys squirt themselves silly in the bonus episode of Free! Eternal Summer included with the final Blu-ray/DVD that releases on March 18th.

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Like a Cup of Hot Chocolate on a Cold Day

Madoka Sapporo snow festival

Convenience chain Lawsons is there to keep your heart warm at the Sapporo Snow Festival with original Madoka swag. The above illustration will be featured on clear files, mini-standees, pins and all the typical character goods memorabilia you know and love. Who wouldn't want a snow Kyuubey? To use as target practice, of course.

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All Your Dance Are Belong to Us

The Midnight Channel has done what Japanese TV stations fear most--put content online for free! Urban legends are abuzz about a certain Midnight Website that sucks viewers into the other side, never to return. Of course the Investigation Team is on the case, ready to stomp out the Shadows on their home turf in, uh, a dance battle? Everyone gets funky in Persona 4: Dancing All Night Long, the spin-off title for PS Vita. Enjoy the Engrishy opening theme, "Dance," with gameplay details sure to follow.

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Compulsive Collecting Is Not a Sin

Get your daily recommended dose of pork with these The Seven Deadly Sins Ichiban kuji prizes. The characters are so adorable I could just eat them all up! (Warning: Items present a choking hazard to children and adults with small windpipes.)

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Running With Scissors

Clock Tower creator Hifumi Kono brings together The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu and some of the spookiest minds in the games industry for Night Cry, a point-and-click survival horror title that traps you on a cruise boat with an immortal maniac killer wielding giant scissors. The game is slated for release on smartphones and PS Vita with an upgraded PC port in the cards if the Kickstarter campaign succeeds. I'd hate to see the funding for his old-school vision get cut.

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