Preview: BLADE ARCUS from Shining - Won Pairon 1/7 Complete Figure by Alphamax

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This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. Today's figure hails from the arcade fighting game BLADE ARCUS from Shining. Does she manage to stand out amid all the other phenomenal Shining series figures? Let's dig in and find out!

BLADE ARCUS from Shining - Won Pairon 1/7 Complete Figure [Alphamax]

From head on she matches the key visual down to the last strand of hair. Sticklers for figures mirroring the illustrations they're based on have nothing to troll about today.

These baozi are so stuffed with meat they could feed a family of four! Thing is, they're in such a pretty package that it'd be a waste to unwrap them.

I take that back--she's packing enough buns for a family of 10! With a waist this teeny she could afford to eat a little more herself.

Creative use of tinting gives her black hair a depth and sheen that has to be seen to be believed. The same techniques have been applied to the China dress to give the illusion of transparency. As if there was anything left to see of her body!

Shangri-La is a paradisiacal valley deep in the Chinese mountains. Sound familiar? Put on your adventurer gear and let me know if you find it when she arrives in the mail! At the very least you'll discover how detailed the buttons and wrinkles of her dress are.

Just remember--some regions are better left unexplored. But since we're down here, take a moment to admire the incredible texture of these frills!

These dragon bracers look just like real silver and were carved one scale at a time. The clear lighting effect part on her right hand does justice to the game's bombastic attack animations without blocking the view from any angle.

Speaking of details and not getting in the way, this hefty-looking base carries on the silver dragon motif without taking up much space!

And there you have it! This figure serves as a trophy for yet another winning Tony Taka design.

Until next time!

BLADE ARCUS from Shining - Won Pairon 1/7 Complete Figure [Alphamax]

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.