Preview: D-Style - Transformers: Megatron Plastic Model by Kotobukiya

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

Hey there, Shizu Mecha here. The leader of the Decepticons has joined Optimus Prime in the D-Style line! All hail Megatron!!

The good dictator's shining silver parts come pre-painted to ensure he's as stunningly charismatic for beginning models as he is for seasoned builders, as will the Decepticon logo on his chest!

Everyone's favorite Transformer (bear with me, you don't know what he's sworn to do if I don't write this as a real fluff piece) comes with three different--yet equally handsome--face parts. In addition to his serious expression you can have him traunt Prime with an evil smile or  scold Starscream with a yelling face. 

The generous choice of parts gives you to the perfect balance between posing capability and appearance. Let's see what happens when these two meet...


Kotobukiya was kind enough to prepare this background by painting some M.S.G. Modeling Support Goods - Mechanical Chain Base 001s orange to look like Cybertron! 

*Both the bases and D-Style Optimus Prime are sold separately, by the way

For Cybetron!

That's the last sucker punch you'll ever throw, Optimus! 

Boys, boys, there's no need to fight! You're both from the same planet and the same model series. Can't you get along?

I hate to admit it, but she is right Prime. Use me!

A girl can dream, can't she? If Prime can hold this transformed Megatron, can we expect some D-Style Insecticons anytime soon? Too much dreaming for one day?

In addition to his fusion cannon he also comes with this Energon Mace. This could mean only one thing....

 You guessed it! Here the bases double as that one dam. (See the Japanese opening for disambiguation.)

You fool!

All hail Megatron! 

All hail Megatron!

All hail Megatron!


Thank you dear leader for the incredible preview. I'm sure your loyal subjects (that's you, reader) can't wait to put you together this April!

D-Style - Transformers: Megatron Plastic Model [Kotobukiya]

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.