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Hey there, Shizu Always-Root-For-the-Villain Mecha here. As a lover all bad dudes I've reviewed more than my fair share of villains for AmiAmi Blog. None, however, can quite match the vile, nasty, absolutely no-redeeming-quality charisma of today's figure....


It's not very often that I open a review with the package but here it's half the fun. In true Joker fashion he decided to hijack MAFEX Batman's package rather than get one of his own.

Note: I rewatched my DVD to prep myself for the review. No offense to the Joker but hot dang Commissioner Gordon is my kind of man!

I'm not a monster… I'm just ahead of the curve.

Where there's smoke there's fire and likewise you'll never find the Joker far from the Dark Knight, so I've been looking forward to this one since the MAFEX Batman release last May. Standing at around 1/12 scale, he's approx. 160mm of pure evil. Oh, and this is a production sample so the final product will look this good or better when he arrives at your door!

Being a MAFEX figure he can pose in at least as many ways as you can imagine. What's more, though, is how they nailed the finer points of Heath Ledger's legendary performance--from the hunched-over posture to the grim playfulness of his mad gestures. The soft material used in his suit jacket flexes just enough to even have him sit down in backless chairs!

Of course it wouldn't be a MAFEX figure without equally an amazing sculpt and paint job! Joker's custom threads have been molded down to the finest hems and creases while his chain wallet is made from real metal. The jacket doesn't come off but fold it over for a peek at the lining. Turn down the lights on the regular and abolutely bonkers smilling head parts and you'd never guess that they belong to a smaller poseable figure! With so much attention to detail I'm tempted to ask MEDICOM TOY, "Why so serious?"

The icing on this crazy cool cake is the clown make-up. Just like Heath Ledger did himself up for every shoot, each face is hand painted for maximum insanity! These figures nearly match Heath's larger than life performance at less than one-tenth the size!

This madman can make a weapon out of anything, but for good measure he comes with two guns, a knife, a rocket launcher and a dubious set of playing cards--plus all the hand parts needed to wield them.

You know, the Internet deserves a better class of figure review, but it isn't in our budget to give it to them. If any rich readers (or crime lords) out there are game, send us some photos of the figure next to a flaming mountain of money! Everything burns, though, so make sure he doesn't go up with the cash.

You won't kill me out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness, and I won't kill you, because you're just too much fun.

Remember, kids. It isn't all about toys. It's about sending a message, and nothing says "I don’t give a bat's ass" like Joker merchandise.

Join us and MEDICOM TOY in paying tribute to this modern screen legend and order yours today!


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*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.