All the Cool Tokyo Ghouls Head to Shibuya

Season two of Tokyo Ghoul is heading in a completely different direction than the manga but at least one thing's for certain--Kaneki is a total bad-ass! If you need a reminder look no further than the Tokyo Ghoul exhibit held in Shibuya's Marui City department store.

OK, so maybe pre-ghoul Kaneki was about as hard as a marshmallow but at least he was a sharp dresser. In fact, the entire cast looks pretty swag when they're not covered with blood. Maybe the next alternate reality story line can have them wage style wars from the different fashion boroughs of Tokyo. If only! 

I might have stayed with my high school part-time job if the uniform was as cool as the one for Anteiku. That's the nice thing about Japan--nearly every business in the service industry outfits its workers with nice outfits. It hardly feels like a job if you can convince yourself that you're being payed to cosplay.

The exhibit also offers limited edition items such as these character pins. Even if you're not looking to shop there's still plenty to see. Make sure to leave your mark in the guest book with the other fan art. Let the Tokyo ghouls know that the gaijin ghouls were on their turf!

Marui City Shibuya
Event dates: January 23rd-February 3rd
Address: 1-21-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Hours: 11:00-21:00
Official homepage: