Weekly Illustration: Merry Christmas from AmiAmi

Merry Christmas from AmiAmi

Christmas has come... I'm writing this comment on the 24th, Christmas Eve, after eating some fried chicken that I bought at Seven Eleven. It was pretty nice.
So, this is the last update of the weekly illustration corner.
Many many thanks to all of you for reading so far! I really hope that you enjoyed it.
Starting from next month the illustrations will be updated monthly and will be featured in a different page of the website.
Stay tuned for that!

This week Hiiro & Hiro, and Chooco-san, are joining the group...
With this, all the AmiAmi mascot characters are together!
I wonder what kind of Christmas they will spend (・∀・)
Thank you very much for reading so far, and I hope you will enjoy the future updates too!
I'm looking forward to seeing you again next year.