Preview: Koha-Ace EX - Sakura Saber 1/8 Complete Figure by Good Smile Company

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Here there, Shizu Mecha here. Before we get into the preview, a haiku:


Tiny pink blossom
Wilt not. Instead, ride the wind
Follow it to love

Koha-Ace EX - Sakura Saber 1/8 Complete Figure [Good Smile Company]

Straight from the pages of Comptiq it's the ever-enigmatic Sakura Saber! With a sword dance as beautiful as her namesake flower I can feel something blooming deep inside me as I stare at her.

This Saber feels much larger than her smallish 1/8 scale (she's about 220mm tall), probably due to her flowing hakama and kimono. While her outfit may be Japanese, there's an unmistakable European flair about her, literally from head to toe, with her blond hair and leather boots.

The gentle lines and color palette are as faithful to Takashi Takeuchi's illustrations as she is to her Master. The biggest difference you'll find from other Sabers is her light brown pupils and half-up hairstyle. Don't worry--no matter who dons the role of Saber they all have the aho-ge!

The sakura theme doesn't stop at the color of her clothing and pink lips. Check out the flower designs on her obi and the hilt of her katana! She's blooming just in time for cherry blossom season this spring--pick her up and be the envy of everyone at your hanami party!

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.