News Roundup for January 8th, 2015

Save a Tree, Read an E-book

Amazon Kindle manga

Japanese manga publishers continue their begrudging shift to digital distribution with Kindle Muryou Manga Zasshi, a free manga service through Amazon Japan. The launch lineup includes Grand Jump and five other magazines with more to follow. Titles are available in Japanese only, though an Internet full of dedicated scanlators should fix that in a jiffy.

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Who Let the Dogs Out

Kuroko prize figure

Add a new pet to your collection with the next batch of Kuroko no Basketball prize figures. Oh, and Kuroko comes with Tetsuya #2 as well. Look for them along with SD character straps in arcades throughout the country later this month.

Official homepage:

Cool Story, Bro

One Piece Ichiban Kuji

What I wouldn't do to trade my actual siblings for a band of adoptive brothers like Sabo, Luffy and Ace! The closest I got to holding a Mera Mera Fruit was the time my brother poured lighter fluid over my arm and lit a match. I'm 'gonna enjoy the family I never had when this line of flaming hot Ichiban Kuji figures come out at the end of the month.

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Black and White Pastels

See Madoka voice actress Aoi Yuuki act as cute on screen as she sounds behind the mic in the music video for "Earl de Collage La Mirage," the title track from her upcoming debut album, Ishmael. She comes in two flavors of gothic lolita: sweet white and bitter dark. What a treat for fans of puffy sleeves and lace!

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The Joy of Cooking With Ghibli

The most heartwarming part of a Ghibli film? Why, the food, of course! Apparantly Hayao Miyazaki loves drawing home cooked meals as much as war machines. Niconico Douga user Gin recreates 47 on-screen dishes that I bet you never thought twice about. Now please excuse me as I cry into my convenience store bento. Maybe the tears will give it an extra kick of salt.

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