Scan Your Psycho-Pass in Shinjuku

Psychopass Shinjuku

A sure-fire way to raise the Area Stress Level: place an interactive display in the middle of Shinjuku, one of the busiest train stations in the world. Could this be the work of terrorists? A disgruntled ad agency employee bent on destroying the Sibyl System? Nah, it's just a promo for the Psycho-Pass movie that opens on Friday.

But the implications are far more sinister than they appear. Social pressure makes self-policing extremely efficient in Japan and they way people lined up to have their Crime Coefficient scanned took it to the next level. It's like slapping the handcuffs on yourself. 

See, look! The anguish to choose the proper Twitter hashtag boosted this guy's Crime Coefficient to 127!

"Enforcement mode is Non-Lethal Paralyzer." ZAP! You brought this on yourself, buddy!

Anyone who reads our bishoujo figure reviews knows that the AmiAmi Blog is run by latent criminals--and now so does the Sibyl System! Quick, let's get out of here before the CID hounds nab us.

We're past the point of rehabilitation but there's still hope for you, dear reader. This nearby Koufuku Graffiti ad should help clear your Psycho-Pass. Nothing like a healthy dose of moe to cleanse the mind.