News Roundup for January 28th, 2015

Hear Her Coming a Mile Away

Hatsune Miku Racing by Shigeto Koyama

Vocaloid producer Zanio collaborated with DJ Ko Komura to produce music for the Goodsmile Racing crew, Team Mirai, and if you missed the Comiket release of their album Light to the Future you can catch a sample on Soundcloud. Even if "mikugressive house" isn't your jam I bet you can appreciate the race queen Miku jacket art by Big Hero 6 concept artist Shigeto Koyama!


Is the Order a Smartphone App?

Have your morning coffee delivered by the staff of Rabbit House with this Gochiusa add-on for the Anifone smartphone application. Customize your interface with your favorite characters and even set their voices to your alarm clock for a wake-up call guaranteed to make your heart go pyon-pyon. Anything to help get me out of bed in the downtime before Season 2!

Official homepage:

All Aboard for Fun and Factoids

Urawa Usagi

Welcome to Saitama prefecture, Tokyo's neighbor in the north! The area is famous for being exceptionally boring, but the original anime Urawa Usagi looks to remedy this next spring with moe versions of area train stations that introduce local lore. With eight girls voiced by adorable seiyuu including Asami Seto, Satomi Akesaka and Rumi Ookubo I'm sure you can find at least one station to get off at.

Official Twitter:

Keep Your Chin Up

Give yourself a bishounen makeover with this camera app from the team behind BL parody game, Gakuen Handsome. But just because you're good looking doesn't mean you can ignore your mother's advice--it's not polite to point, not even with your chin.

Official homepage:

Universal Monsters

Our boss wasn't about to send the AmiAmi blog staff out to Osaka on the company dime to cover the Monster Hunter: The Real exhibit at Universal Studios Japan, so luckily MAiDiGi TV did it for us. The above clip gives you an idea of what to expect, but you'll need to go there in person to download one-of-a-kind equipment and try the gimmick dishes. It runs alongside Evangelion, Attack on Titan and Resident Evil-themed attractions from now until May 10th, which gives you plenty of time. Just be sure to bring along a copy of Monster Hunter to give you something to do in line.

Official homepage: