Resident Evil Dishes Turn Menu Into a Biohazard

The Gamecube remake of Resident Evil is a modern classic that I'd love to pop in now and again if only my system wasn't in storage. Enter the recently released HD REmaster, a convenient way to play on current-gen consoles with updated graphics to boot.

The Capcom Bar in Shinjuku is celebrating the HD port with limited edition dishes that taste as good as they look disgusting. Will I finally get that Jill sandwich? Scroll down to find out, brave reader.

Even a STARS cadet knows to mix herbs to increase potency. Wonder if it works with alcohol as well? Only one way to find out...

Sorry for the man hands, Rebecca-tan was off duty that day.

These mixology skills may one day save your life. As for the cocktail, well, it tasted like cough syrup so that's how you know it's good for you.

It's hard to discern through the fizz but there' a big frozen eyeball staring you down. Which would make the layer of clear goo at the bottom of the glass the vitreous humor--yum yum! Tell you what, this eye jelly tastes almost as sweet as the real thing.

Old-school fans will recoil in horror at a block of tofu equipped with nothing more than a knife. Likewise, this dish is not for the faint of heart--it's topped with a crunchy layer of taberu rayu, or edible red chili oil, and the chilled bean curds are as thick as a steak.

Speaking of steak, this blooming meat flower reminds me of what happens to a zombie's skull when you feed one a flash grenade. Messy, sure, but at least you don't have to clean up the Crimson Head afterward.

The series sure has some a long way since the initial installment. I mean, look how scrawny Chris' biceps used to be! Funny how he controlled like a tank even though he was built like a runner. Remember, in the remake you move faster with your weapon un-equipped. I'll see the rest of you speed runners on the leaderboard--or back here for the Revelations 2 menu next month!

Event dates: January 15th-February 17th
Address: 1-3-16 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
Hours: 14:00-23:30 on weekdays, 11:30-23:30 on weekends
Official homepage: