News Roundup for January 20th, 2015

Weekend Warriors VS Knights in Satan's Service

Momoiro Clover Z, an idol unit that even your grandmother could approve of, go head-to-head with KISS, a band your grandmother could have seen in concert, in the music video for "Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina." But the girls of Momoclo aren't going against the Four Devas of Glam Rock alone--they brought along Kill la Kill character designer Sushio to choreograph the psychedelic stunts. And if you think the animation is crazy, wait until you see their live-action transformation into schoolgirl samurai of the Metalocalypse.

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They Call Me the Candy Man

The tip of food pyramid is reserved for empty calories, or as I like to call them, "sweet nothings." Sweet nothings--the thing I hope senpai will one day whisper into my ear. And none would be sweeter than those spoken by Shu Cream Senpai, the crispy cream puff with the body of a real man.

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Otaku-grade Wagashi

Shu Cream Senpai's not the only one looking to make your day a little sweeter. Twitter user Otakumi Wagashi is a Class 1 certified Japanese sweets confectioner and bonafide otaku. You can taste his love for anime in his work. Check his account for more creative candy characters.


Say Goodbye to Hollow Gameplay

With all the hubbub over Naruto ending and One Piece setting new sales records with each volume I nearly forgot the other title in the Shounen Jump trinity--Bleach! Yup, the anime may be over but the manga's still ongoing and this spring the Shinigami are coming to your smartphone in Bleach: Brave Souls. While most mobile games favor card-based automated combat, this 3D action title bucks the system and puts you in control of your destiny. So when you you get stuck at a boss and gave in to buying power-ups, you'll no longer be able to blame the RNG gods.

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Helping Fujoshi Stay Fresh

Following the smashing success of KanColle, the ManColle fleet is picking up steam over the horizon.This new line of bath salts is decorated with four JSDF flagships re-imagined as dashing officers: Hyuga, the fiery "Ocean Phoenix," Kongou, the blonde "Diamond Shield," Murasame the shota "Passing Shower" and Souryuu the "Eastern Genius."

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Full Metal Timepiece 

What time is it? Time to get your little brother's body back, lazy bones! This Full Metal Alchemist-inspired watch from Super Groupies features a strap braided like Ed's hair with the Flamel mark on the face. A real alchemist could craft one themselves, but the rest of us will have to order from the homepage below.

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