Preview: TERA - Elin Ouka Tsukikage Ryuu ver. Complete Figure by Flare

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This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. How do you make your online game designs stand out in a hyper-sataurated market teeming with cute little animals and waifu tailor made to suit every fetish known to man? TERA's answer to that literal million dollar question sure seems to be paying off. Let's dig in!

TERA - Elin Ouka Tsukikage Ryuu ver. Complete Figure [Flare]

From the tip of her great sword to the mask at her feet, this Erin Slayer is Japonism personified. Who'd've thunk that weeaboos even existed on Tera?

Scary as it may look, a blow from this sword is painless--her dynamic sculpt and vivid coloring will knock you dead long before it connects.

Look closely you'll notice a humanoid earlobe poking out from her hair. Believe me--it's totally not weird to have four ears on Tera. Remember, this is a planet born from the dreams of slumbering titans who, among many other wondrous things, also appear to have a subconscious fancy for tie-string panties.

They say eyes are the window to the soul, meaning these pretty peepers are giving us a glance at the Elins' so-called immortal spirits. Shiny and pretty as they are, there are even more catch lights in her glossy outfit!

From up here you can really imagine the heft of this sword. It may look like she's in mid-swing, but I suspect that she's actually hiding it behind her back to keep it from stealing her spotlight. With the sakura ornaments and tassels woven right through the blade, who can blame her for being a bit jealous?

No need to worry, young Slayer. Even the intricate detail of the great sword can't outdo these real fishnets! (What a funny word for something wrapped around a rabbit's hambones...)

Take your game to the next level by upgrading your lighting scheme while you wait for her to ship. On top of bringing out extra details, the proper use of color and position transforms your figures from characters to self-contained stories. If you don't owe it to her, you certainly owe it to yourself!

TERA - Elin Ouka Tsukikage Ryuu ver. Complete Figure [Flare]

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