News Roundup for January 19th, 2015

Homura Miku and Snomura

Madoka Snow Festival

Madoka chief animation director Junichirou Taniguchi is doing everything he can to stop Frozen from dominating this February's Sapporo Snow Festival. Will flipping Snow Miku and Homura's outfits be enough? The Crypton Future Media booth will also display a snow art Kyuubey and hold an orchestral concert of Madoka music--that is, assuming you can hear it over the crowd singing "Let It Go."

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No Cure For Gundam Fever

The scamps behind the Gundam Fever Project cooked up a totally sweet prank--have a Char Custom Zaku attack an office building and freak everyone out! That's what they get for working overtime when they should be home watching anime. Winter 2015's gonna go down in history as one of the greats, don't waste it at a cubicle people!

Head Towards the Light

Hikaru Skirt

The Hikaru Skirt project looks to illuminate the dark heart of moe tropes by adding Christmas lights to short skirts and thigh-highs. What hides in the light of the realm beyond Absolute Territory? Follow their Tumblr to find out.

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K-On! Keeps on Being Cute

These Chocolate K-On! Chibi figures give me a great idea for a KyoAni crossover--the members of Houkago Tea Time join the Iwatobi Swimming Club, except they eat sweets on inner tubes while the sexy boys do all the work. Remember to wait 30 minutes after eating before going in the water!

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Free-range or Factory Farmed?

Saenai Kanojo

How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, or Saekano if you want to be politically correct, is the latest in the proud tradition of BOFO anime--by otaku, for otaku. If the anime based on a light novel about high school kids making dating sims wasn't meta enough already, this spring 5PB will release a PlayStation Vita dating sim of the anime based on a light novel about... Well, you know the rest. It wouldn't be a simulation without something to raise, and the game has you lend anime, manga and games to re-educate your heroine of choice into your model otaku love interest for a girlfriend who's anything but boring!

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