Otaku Not Sheepish About Illustrating Their Wishes

Like the arrival of an unregistered package, our coverage of the 2015 New Year ita-ema from Kanda Myojin shrine is better late than never! Before scrolling down check out last year's post for a primer. Drawing anime characters onto wood blocks is serious business!

The head priest shows his Nozomi bias by idolizing the miko her on the back of the limited edition Love Live! ema--you and I are on the same team, buddy. But most visitors wished for a happy Nico Nico neeew year. People prayed to get better at putting on makeup or better luck with men so I assume some of these were from female fans, though you never know.

Like a season of anime, art in Japan is an ephemeral thing, appreciated one moment, gone and forgotten the next. Look at the creativity on display--aside from the amazing illustrations, some went so far as to carve out woodblock prints or even make clay models. It's too bad they'll eventually all be fed to a fire. But to the artist, this may be what draws them back, again and again, to draw a new plaque--and reconsider their goals that year.