News Roundup for September 9th, 2014

Stray Cat Strut

Sanrio tries to recapture the magic of Houkago Tea Time with their rhythm game turned anime, Show by Rock. Goth-loli cat Cyan, honor student rabbit Chuchu, computer otaku dog Retoree and Moa the space sheep join up to form girls rock band Plasmagica and square off against the chuuni-visual kei unit SHINIGAMI CRIMSONZ. Find a new way to love animals when the show starts in the hopefully not too distant future.

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School Life Twisted Like a Dutch Angle

No, you're monitor isn't lopsided! The key visual for Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete (In Search of the Lost Future) is tilted to maintain the artsy feel of the original ero-ge. The story follows students preparing for the school festival only to be sidetracked investigating strange phenomenon on campus, including ghosts, sleeping sickness and a string of freak accidents. Studio feel. (Kiss x Sis, Outbreak Company) and director Naoto Hosoda (The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Future Diary) will be there to help us solve the mystery in October.

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An Otaku Gift Even Your Grandmother Could Love

Give your character goods collection a touch of traditional Japanese class with the new line of Natsume's Book of Friends Ichiban Kuji prizes. Win Nyanko-sensei sitting on a zabuton pillow, chilling in a kinchaku drawstring pouch or smiling from a gochisou-sara appetizer plate. Thinking about the show is hitting me with waves of mono no aware--the classic literature equivalent to "dem feels."

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Time Out

Remember the japanese school girl ninja video that went viral last July? VICE Japan of all outlets just brought out behind-the-scenes footage showing the tricks behind the stunts as well as what the girls do when they're not jumping through windows. I'm calling it now: Slice-of-life anime about idols stepping into the ring to save their school's failing MMA club.

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Madoka Promotion Boosts Sales Like Magic

Give yourself the vitamin B you need to power through your back catalog and pick up some useful merch in the process with Lawsons new campaign. Purchase two 3-packs of Lipovitan energy drink and receive a set of magical girl glasses, either Madoka and Sayaka, Mami and Nagisa or Homura and Kyoko. Each store only has 15 sets and the promotion starts September 9th at 7:00 AM, so be sure to line up early to... wait a minute, that was this morning! Sorry readers no time for blog I gotta